Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Devil Is In Your Chimney!

Here we are again, the holidays. A time for cheer, good will, & Satan's demonic wrath of present giving.
Found this on the web. Read on.
 "Freehold, Iowa - Satan's evil plan has created jobs for hundreds of thousands of old lecherous pedophiles. These filthy homeless hobos just lay on their urine-stained cardboard beds 11 months out of the year, dreaming of Christmas when they can drunkenly traipse into the warmth of departments stores and have children sit on their vermin-infested laps. Santa is no kindly old man; he is an evil demon. 
 Next time your family sees some propped up gin-soaked vagrant in a Mall wearing a red suit with white furry cuffs, set a good example and witness for the other deluded people waiting in line. Announce to all the children in the store 'Not only is Santa a lie, he will ravage you sexually, drink your blood and drag your carcasses down to Hell with him!"
-In conclusion, parents, don't let your kids get drunk with Santa. 


Anonymous said...

this shit isnt funny faget

Anonymous said...

it's fuckin' hilarious, douche bag.

Anonymous said...

um that might not realy be atom postin those. then again, maybe it is...! Man, santa is a disgusting man, i wonder if he ever got to doper and "ravaged him sexually", that would explain some tings....MORE DOPER FLIX please....----Q

Anonymous said...

This might not even be Pucho.

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