Thursday, July 16, 2009

MSG Los Angeles Final Recapppp!

MSG would like to thank all in LA who helped make the trip possible. A Special thanks to 33third Graffiti shop, Mid-City arts Gallery, Slow, and TCP crew, Acme, THC SH and LOD crews. Also, thanks to Revok, Rime and Augor from MSK crew. And anybody else, thankyou!

Prodo from 33third show.

Crazy All-Nighter Mural/Prodo. 8hrs total, no sleep and on the plane at daybreak!



TCP prodo from 33third......Props

Bash Acme Afex. THC.LOD.SH


BM said...

sick !!!

Anonymous said...

that hurricane prod.. is straight crack!

Anonymous said...

Those aerial view productions are always the dopest.

MIAMI reppin' hard...good shit settin' it off correct on the West.

J&K really doing it for MIAMI too...respect.


Anonymous said...

Dawg....all them shits was fire.........but that TCP?????? WHoooooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

The TCP prodo reminds me of the Tornado Production MSG did back in the day..........

Anonymous said...

I like the clouds but not feelin the overall layout of the pieces on tcp prod.... besides Mrder, none of those joints feel very Miami to me....r those other guys from Miami?

Anonymous said...

tcp berrrrnin msg

Anonymous said...

^^^That's funny. LOL
The Crome Enve Ikon wall burns everything.

Anonymous said...

Slow jocks Saber
Art kids with spray paint
Every one know who is the real Vice city.
Props to real crew!

Anonymous said...

TCP is dope.. MSG is dope.
TCP + MSG= Best stuff in Miami right now.

Not some regurgitated NYC outlines that have been done 1000 times before.

Anonymous said...

Who the F cares if someone went to art school. TCP does alot of illegal stuff..its not like they are Lebo.

Anonymous said...

starting out Crome was and will continue to be one of my biggest inspirations, bump all of MSG crew. -Cynic TCP

MSG said...

cynic didnt know about cebs till i told him .tcp nd msg have respect for each other and tons of other crews..haters need to stop rapping and motherfukin paint alot more..crome msg

GraffHead said...

The Venice wall is so dope. I was able to flick it last weekend. The Hollywood spot is still running.
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