Friday, July 17, 2009

Flickr Flicks

Here's a few flicks submitted by local Miami photographer Anthony Hatem of the Sege & Beno tribute wall.

Check out his Flickr photostream:

Thanks for the flicks bro.


missRED said...

oh shit, this is my boy.

Anonymous said...

like that Negro tag on the street..

Anonymous said...

Damn your Boy looks like a Hot chick!....Pause

missRED said...

i meant the photographer ANTHONY HATEM is my boy. the model is crissy or some shit

Anthony Hatem said...

lawl @ people thinking im the chick.
thanks for putting the flicks up!
imma see when i get some more :D

@ red lets shot your car in front of a msg piece ;)
but a new one! an un heard of one :D

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