Friday, July 5, 2013

New paintings for sale small sizes on wood mix media .contact,Crome MSG


HTC all day said...

nobody wanna buy this ugly shit

Anonymous said...

how much???

Anonymous said...

hey Crome or anyone at msgcarel can you please post something referring to REEFA's death, if you guys don't know his name is Israel Hernandez and was killed by MBPD on Aug 6th for throwing up a tag.

I wrote this
REST IN POWER Israel “Reefa” Hernandez
Anyone who doesn't throw him up is a coward!
This is unfair, injustice and a sad day for all.
It angers and saddens me deeply.
I want to see "REEFA" up everywhere, especially in MB & SoBe!
Maybe it was an accident, maybe not, but cops shouldn't taser people for acting up, not listening to them, or talking back.
You should only taser people with weapons or people that represent a threat.
Those cops have a horrible reputations for using extra violence and being blood thirsty to kill, both Miami Beach and South Beach.
The investigation will do nothing here, the cop will return to work and nothing will change.
The cops shouldn't even chase him, he was just throwing up a small tag on a already vandalized building.
Not saying they should look the other way but just drive a few blocks and you can easily spot a bigger crime or criminal.
Graffiti artists/vandals get a bad name, some deserve it, some don't. While companies and unwanted advertisements can flood and pollute everything the eye can see.
So what makes it right, paying for it? So does money and greed run the world, so does paying for something make it right ?
It's not fair, that for money companies can advertise everywhere and invade all of our walls and everything in our eyesight.
It's also not fair that they leave abandoned buildings behind for years in ruins and create an eyesore or dangerous place for those living in the neighborhood.
Yet a teenager putting up a small tag on it is labeled a notorious criminal and murdered by police.
Wake up and smell the doughnuts that came with that coffee!
Blame the police department, the state and the laws that allow officers to taser unarmed and none violent offenders.
It should never happen.
MIGHTY MIG 2,013 R.I.P. ReeFa


Anonymous said...

wow this site got real sad

Anonymous said...


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