Monday, April 29, 2013

Wall Devastation FUBAR -KUTY puttin in work the right way to get down take it to the streets!!! Started from the bottom..


-- said...

""putting in work""??? heh.
How many more people will you(lucas) manipulate into thinking that that bullshit, fucking up peoples stuff is work??
Hopefully the people you brainwash into standards of "dope" or "wack" , realize who you're really fucking up is them..just trying to replicate yourself. You give two shits about "the community".

"writing history" ummmmm said...

Mentioning that more than half of you and your fucking boys style jacking art from around town and using it color schemes and configurations on your “pieces”. Telling example. You steal shit from people whose work, you make sure those around you and those who you sell your hype to, are unlikely to see or know about, then you turn around and say it’s your “original style yo”. There’s your “culture of originality”!! “That’s Fresh Yo”

“Yo, yo we just got here little while ago, let’s act like long timers, and front on those who JUST got here”

Who's The Real Johny Arived Lately


he is the litl bitch convinced peeps he's the enchilada said...

johny arived lately soon

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