Monday, May 2, 2011

Seger Tribute in Downtown LA....

By Ikons, Quake, Atomik. Thanks to Acme, Basher, LOD and OTR Crews for the spot and hospitality.


Anonymous said...

dam that shit is fresh!bringen that miami flava to the the left coast.beno,sege,ynot,nes,merk and sk8 are chillen together.word up!all them were true kings that got there lives taken to short.they will never be forgoten..the kemo

Anonymous said...

why is WHIE's name in there with the other peoples name that passed away.

I don't get it
did he RIP


El Corona said...

Whie is incarcerated, and will be gone for awhile. A long while. We threw him in there, but maybe we shouldn't have. Whatever, it's up and not getting changed... ---Q

Anonymous said...

ill rub your muffins homo


ARIVE said...

In my opinion....WHIE is not deceased but we miss him GREATLY due to his circumstance....

I miss seeing his handstyles, throwies, and pieces...he made the MIAMI landscape all that much FRESHAR!

DontSleep.. said...

super funky green suff...cushy!

Anonymous said...

seger would have loved this shit he went to arizona and los angeles he painted venice beach wall took payody he.he said shit was the bomb and if he could get a lb pound of sege was msg pioneer of style can mimik flip flop anyones shit head up.we all miss the fuk outta alll the fallen msgeees .legacy continues ....geees up hoes down ....crozay

Cyme said...

Tight Work. SEGE Rest in Power!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply
Fresh shit!!

Don't stop it, drop it, rock it.

And haters stop using my name.
I don' t love crome, I respect him.
In Florida history the top two are
Top tens in no particular order are
Atomik, Theme, Dose etc..
11th Siner


Anonymous said...

Dope,MSG production as you can see there is no other crews to throw up when it comes to SEGER MSG first!
MSG only no need for all your other non related crews.

Need more MSG?

Click "OLDER POSTS" over there on the right side puto!