Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Some of you might have noticed that we took down the post about the Ynot's killer being arrested.

Looking at that piece of shits face is a little to much for some of the homies to deal with everytime they come to the site, so I decided to take it down and replace it with shit like this...

A big thank you to Miami New Times writer Gus Garcia for staying with the story and exposing some of the truth we all really needed.

We will continue to update everyone on Ynot's case, just be patient everyone, say a prayer for the homie, and keep putting his name up!!!!!



WHUT:BM said...


Anonymous said...

heavy duty super tough

Anonymous said...

new times is the shit.believe that. ynot can never be forgotten...

Anonymous said...

NIce work... Ynot LIves 2011 jump off

Anonymous said...

Dose will never stop! Nice

Ynot Lives...

Anonymous said...

Ynot Rest in Power.

Anonymous said...

+ === -- YNOT LIVES -- === +

Anonymous said...

I passed by there the other day and it was cleaned, but I noticed some spray paint peaking out the top part and wondered who hit that front recently.

Now I know.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Don't be so angry.
You do not post a name because you are a hater and can not stand the truth.

Why don't you leave the blog, stop posting stupid irrelevant shit, and lay off the haterade.

Nice to know I have a fan or too.


037 for the 2011


Anonymous said...

Why don't you leave your name? Who the fuck is 037 anyways? I have never seen any 037 tags anywhere, on Miami Graff, Artcrimes, fucking nowhere. You might as well be posting as anonymous.

Keep your wanna be MSG opinions to yourself. Your a fan and nothing else. Your a nobody, a fucking cheerleader.

I wish you had the ball to come out to where MSG paints and try and talk the shit you do on here. You would get your ass kicked, 5 times in a row.

Anonymous said...

"Why don't you leave the blog, stop posting stupid irrelevant shit"

You first bitch!

Anonymous said...

Nice, why start a blog, if you will not like what people say and talk shit about them when they say things you don't like. Oh, you only want people saying good things. just the cheerleaders, and yourselves patting each other on the back.

Anonymous said...

IF you actually do graff, comment all you want. If you a fake wanna be, you should probably keep that shit to yourself.

Anonymous said...

It is funny how he is stressing for me to leave my name, yet you don't leave a name. I don't stress it, I can't help it.
I made a name for myself, it is 037, I have been posting with 037 for over 2 years now.

I was here commenting on the pic, saying that it was sick as fuck.

Dope shit, but you are on my dick.

Lay off the boss.


Anonymous said...

037 you might a be 855902 or some other random shit. Your a retard wanna be graff write who gets not props because you don't paint, your a fan and nothing else.

Never picked up a can, never participated. So you think people should give 2 shits about your opinions?

You're a joke, plain and simple. You think you get respect from posting on a blog for 2 years? Then your an even bigger joke then I thought.

You did not give props, you commented on how you drove by it and saw some paint so now you know who did it. BFD, who the fuck cares what you see or don't see.

The only reason you talked shit on Eser's video in because your anonymous. If you said that shit to Esers face, Im sure he would have dropped you right then and there.

-8675309 (that's my anonymous new number name)

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