Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We've been at it again this year for Art Basel and all of its surrounding events. 7 Artists, International and Local, will be showing their own murals on separate wall Spaces. Check out the Flyer above for Details!! Opening this Friday till Midnight!! Hope to see you there!!

9teen will also be showing a mural in this space, Name didnt make the flyer.....last minute


Anonymous said...

So you niggas fell asleep on the YNOT ISSUE, and forgot that the killer is walking away with murder.

All I asked was that you make some phone calls, and advertise the numbers here so that the community can support Ynot and call.

But instead you waste time with little bullshit and don't do nothing about it.

Shit if my homeboy died, or got killed, I will sleep at the mayors front door every single day and remind him of the injustice till they make an arrest.

If you demand it, they will arrest him, but you guys aint doing shit.

Go right ahead, don't post my shit up, but WHY NOT, its the TRUTH,

May be this might inspire someone to make some phone calls, or write some emails, and get some justice served.

Or how about they just press charges for the other guy he hit with his car, or for leaving the crime scene, or for drinking and driving, come on guys, wake up.


Anonymous said...

fuck you sorry ass little nigga..
Who's in charge of the comments on this website, let me know, say your name little bitch, don't be scared.

That way I can call my connects and let them know that you are not riding out for YNOT at all, that you really don't give a fuck, that you don't care because he probably was crew, but he really was not your boy.

Don't be a fuck niggah, I will toy you with Ynotse tag, all of you niggas, it is your responsibility to ride for your lil niggah that RIP, not with hatred, not with violence, but with action, and pressure on the police that way they make an arrest.

Its probably already too late, because you fucking idiots are sleeping on it and I'm the only one that has balls, heart, and passion to even care.

Post this comment up, ask all your MSGs if they want this comment up, most will say yes.
Remember, you represent MSG

I represent YNOT


blanche from golden girls said...

Sounds like fun!!

Anonymous said...

I apologize if I got out of hand on my second comment, I did not mean to disrespect anyone.

It is just that you guys keep deleting my comments.

Plus I feel that it is important that we put 100% into making sure justice is served, the right and lawful way.


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