Sunday, October 24, 2010

Evolve Paint...@ Work

COPE2 & LOGEK...Useing the NEW Evolve Paint.

Get it @ 004 Connec.Com

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Anonymous said...

Thats King Cope your homework and show sum respect..

Anonymous said...

Wake Up People, not for me, but for YNOT
Putting his tag on the wall will not get his killer arrested or bring any closure to any of this.

You must act now, the only way you get things done here in Florida.
Don't sleep on this, you still have time. Once the case is dismissed it will be too late.

So put pressure on the city and state and they will have to make an arrest and charge him.

1. Call the mayor, the governor, and all the local politics, demand them to charge Reynaldo Rodriguez, and that the case has many witnesses and evidence and yet the police has failed to do anything.

If you guys do this, the police detectives will get a call from a higher authority and will be forced to make an arrest and a conviction.

Don't sleep on this, Don't let him slip through the cracks, and don't result in anymore violence.

Someone post important phone numbers, get the public and your crew-mates behind this.

Ask yourselves, YNOT DO THIS, WHY NOT. Do this for YNOT


Anonymous said...

wow this shit for 5 days?? this is a corny ass site. one update every 5 days. a whole crew with 40 people and no one can post some new graffiti. learn how to run a blog. this cope logik shit is fucking boring.

Anonymous said...

^^^Then get the fuck out and run your own blog.

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