Friday, September 10, 2010

so true..fucking hipsters


WoOdy said...

Hahahahah hilarious,
that cat prince ea should watch this ...hahha. he wants to "make smart cool"
the smart thing to do would be to stop trying to be cool!
cant stand this fake "smart" "political" rap shit, i almost respect the dickhead on some bling bling shit more. he doesn't seem to be frontin as hard.
bottom line is, most everyone in the "game"is on a gimmick
the emperor is naked.
pantera said it a long time ago.
"be yourself by yourself"
hard to do cuz all you wanted was to be accepted.

Richard Nixon said...

hipsters are taking over...

check out this video of Johnny Knoxsville exploring one of the hipster capitals of the world, Detriot... yea who knew Hipsters were taking over Detriot, really cool video.... if your a fucking hipster. na for real check it out, really dope video called "Detriot Lives"

Copy n paste:

B said...

Great Documentary! Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Yo I thought a saw beta and hest ridding their fixies in that video, or was that just me?

Jiro One said...


Anonymous said...

Quoting woody. He wants to "make smart cool"

what's wrong with being educated? I strive to learn and educate myself on everything around me, education is the only thing that keeps me creative, and I ain't no fuckin hipster.

Bling bling blah blah, I think you need to expand your horizons bub.

The video is fuckin hilarious.

Educating yourself is the highest form of self respect.

WOody said...

If you read closely, I do not imply that there is anything wrong with education.
I say there is something wrong with wanting to be cool..
fronting on being smart is just as bad as fronting on bling, bling. Harder to detect as a gimmick, but still fronting none the less.

cosmo kramer said...

Hey,what's wrong with hipsters?

Anonymous said...


El-D said...

LMAO! Being a dickhead's cool.

Anonymous said...

That looks like reams..LOL

Anonymous said...

like writers don't bomb to be cool YEAH OK

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