Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Atomik & Sand Ynot Tribute

Check out this Ynot tribute by Atomik & Sand...

Very big, Very fresh. Nice work guys. J & K on the photography.

Ynot Lives Forever!


Anonymous said...

my brother would've been 34 the night i painted this. i miss all my fallen brothers.

Anonymous said...

wheres this at?

shit came out super fresh! propss!!


El-D said...

Arrrggh! You beat me to it, dude...pause. Lol. I wanted that wall. Just goes to show; you snooze, you lose. I ain't mad, though. Niz definitely approves. All of our fallen brothers live through us. I'll miss all my brothers for the rest of my fuckin' life. But through it all, I know they're still around. Many a night I've communed with my homies on the other side. No one keeps better looks. I'm never alone, though, not even on the darkest, quietest night. The homies are always keeping an eye out, watching my back on those solo strolls through the city's guts. Ynot, Nes, Sege, Beno, I salute you homies.

Anonymous said...

That shit is straight crack...go big or go home...props to you both.


cebzkee miami eyez said...

this is one of the rawest ynotse i seen from crew members ill have mine up soon

renokilaH said...

dope rip ynoste

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