Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ynot Flocka Flame

My girl snapped this flick of Ynot on the 2010 New Years eve night...

Another year wrapped up with another crew session at Dose's crib, we all were in the backyard chilling by Ynots crib with the rest of the homies, waiting for the ball to drop, getting our drank on smoke on whatever, Ynot was on fire that night, I dont remember what he was telling me, just talking shit, cracking jokes, just happy as fuck, having mad fun with all the homies, loving life, dude never gave a fuck bout what anyone thought about him, always had his own style, he was an original. Life of the party. I miss that little nigga. The crew will always keep your name and your spirit alive forever homie!

Ynot Lives!


Richard Nixon said...

Peep Atomiks blog too for some more great flicks / memories of the homie:

Anonymous said...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me and my lil nigga poppin that champagne owwwwwwwwwwwwww

slugga thugga said...

this was hammerd look at his eyes..this was before we all walked all the way to downtown. it was a fun nite untill towards the end wwen y aaint wanna give up his own henny bottle to the bouncer then all hell broke loose from there....definitly a nite i will always remember....we luv ya and miss u nikka!!! YNOTSE LIVES!!!!

Anonymous said...

What yall know about ONE LOVE pembroke pines gang????!!!!!

LOL. YNOT is the man!!!

Love you lil bro.


SixShot said...

yellin at hoes from the sidewalk times!

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