Thursday, July 29, 2010

YNOTSE 1 Rest In Peace Brotha Man

I still can't believe I'm writing this on the cartel blog…. RIP YNOTS. The dude was one of the best, hands down. I have too many memories of us kicking it but some of the best is up In Atlanta with the 28sss B50s MSGsss
-Cold as hell outside on the side of the Highways smoking Newports and doing fills til the sun came up. The only guy that could rock a fleece skully and a plaid shirt and be styling!!
-In the hood hood hood running around knot giving a F&%K writing on everything. YNOT Doing hollows twice as tall as him in Castleberry (still peaking thru the buff today)
- On 07-07-07 on Boulevard Ave At Michelle's Legal. Posted getting lose around the hood, and later on to the strip club for bottles and models. how'd you get in to that club?? Oh yea my Florida ID worked for you...haha i just gave it to you after that homie.

Too many stories- "shit foot lol" "OJ Da Juice Man "AYE AYE!!"... Just don't end up in College Park Jail.... But when you get out we all got FAT CHECK$$!!!

YNOT changed so many people's lives, he was a special guy for real. Still is. His time here was short lived but will never be forgotten. Life will never be the same without you.... -Dtek1.

In College Park Court House^^^ haha

it was 10 degrees with the wind chill when we painted these 2 spots. wearing mittens, work gloves, skullies and ski masks, walmart brand thermals...AND IT'S STILL COLD AS FUCK damn florida boys


Anonymous said...

Mango shit dog!!!!!
Ynot for life.
We all loved him.

Been crying my eyes out for days!

YNOTDOSE forever you better believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

whens the last time u saw this many people in college park?!? lol fuk im gona miss u dog... love u... -mostoe

Anonymous said...

That cryo panel was too hot!
Imma miss u dog.

Anonymous said...

Damn it feels like just yesterday me and y were roadtrippin it up to atl for the artshows smokin Cali listening to dips and them some cormega and bustin tags every stop we made... Lowlifes crew to the fullest my niggy I miss u man like crazy

Anonymous said...

damn.. why the lil homie Y.. forever in our hearts.. we were suppose to celebrate our bdays tomorrow night.. but now everything is all fucked up.. i remember our trip to atl in '09 when u introduced me to dtek.. well homie.. ill see u when my time comes.. until then u will always be in my thoughts and heart.....


Yo Ynot, man, I just want you to know that you really touched us all man, in just 21 years on this earth you did so much, we all watched you grow up from a little jit to slowly becoming a man, watching your style develop as you got older, you represent a small piece of all of us because you grew up watching us and painting with us, and now you have generations young and old that look up to you like the way you looked up to us. You made us look good homie, you rocked your crews with pride and treated all of us like family.

We all have so many personal memories with you...

I really wish I had more.

I was looking forward to seeing my daughter and Dose's kids and your son playing together, running around the back yard, you never really got the chance to fully experience what kind of joy you get from raising that little baby into a lil man.

You neevr had enuff time to allow that experience of fatherhood change you into the man that its helped me and Dose become.

I remember a few months ago when I told you "welcome to the club", im so sorry you and Max didnt get to be together longer. I really think that you would have been a great father for him, and when Max gets older i will make sure he knows how much of a good person you were.

You left behind a legacy that Max will be proud of when he gets older.

We will carry your name for the rest of our lives.

I hope you and Sege are up there looking down on us smoking the fattest blunts you ever blazed homie.

I miss you, and everyone else that was lucky enuff to know you is really hurting.

I'll see you when my day comes. You still owe me $20 for them shirts nigga!

Young Money YNOT Flocka Flame Forever!


Anonymous said...

Wow, just wow. I met Ynot at art basel this year and he was one of the few that actually came up to me and chilled, gave me pointers, laughed with. Man r.i.p, going to miss seeing Ynot.


Anonymous said...

You won't stop seeing him!!!!!!
Belive that!

YnotDose Forever!!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember when we met hanging at esons,with heat,doper,ikons,dose and others. Good times,much respect to you and the whole fam.HEDGR.KOI.MSG

Anonymous said...

It is too late to change what has happened. We only wish we can bring things back and do things differently.

The importance is to not do the same mistakes again, that way no one else has to die.

What that idiot driver did was dumb and senseless and he deserves life in jail for that, I doubt he will get that much but he will have to live with the fact he took a good, young, life.

We can all improve our everyday decisions, and at the same time, we will stay away from danger and avoid bad situations.

Not saying to stay home, but don't go out dee'd up and grilling everyone. If you look for trouble you will find some, and Florida is full of grimey ass fools not worried about serving life, because they just want to continue to pretend to be a gangster.

Gangsters are all either dead or in jail, lets just live life, enjoy ourselves, and party responsibly.

-No more strip clubs-
First off, you spend alot of money on bullshit in there, and strip clubs are full of hoes, hookers, and perverts. Not too mention a couple of people go in big groups looking for trouble, and fights always break out, that lead to someone getting killed, arrested, or hospitalized.

-No more fighting-
I'm sure you don't go looking for trouble, but do you try to avoid it. Just because someone is talking shit, it is no reason to fight. I mean if they put a finger on you, knock them out with all do respect. Just don't get into a fight over an exchange of words or looks, I've lost 2 friends that got stabbed during a fight we could have avoided.

Just walk away, and or leave.
They did not have to die, they were only teenagers, all we had to do was walk away.

It takes a bigger man to walk away.

-Stop using drugs-
Most of the graffiti writers that have died have been from overdose or suicide. Which is the exact same thing in my book.
You will enjoy life alot more if you are sober, and you will be more healthy.
Don't you know you have a family and friends that love you.
Don't you think of the future, wife, kids.

Take care of your self, health, mind, body and soul that way you can live longer and do more of the things you enjoy the most.

I have done all of that fuck shit before, and for years non stop.
I am lucky to be alive and sober, and not in the pen.
That is why I stopped doing all that, it is all fuck shit, and I am an adult now.

I still go out, I still party, I don't do drugs, I just quit smoking squares, but I wait till I sober up before I drive home.
And never drink and drive, I have lost friends and a family member that decided to drive home and get in a deadly accident.

Stay up.
Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all of the homies out there throwin Y's and tags galore up on 95, musta seen 10-15 in a 10 mile strtetch today, big ups to those silver soundwall pieces....

people who never knew you are throwin up respects, you made a difference in so many lives,

Only the good die young. RIP Homie.

Anonymous said...

Never really Knew you dawg. But I can say that man you've insparational in so many ways man. I remember growing up watching crook and crome bang things up down here. Then you and dose came out and all hell broke lose I remember driving and seeing ynot and dose tags everyhere and just like damn another banger by the Dynamik duo.... And damn when I found out you guys got down with MSG. I was like damn i gotta be next, to get down. Hands down MSG is the rawest crew down here so diverse. You guys to me will go down history and always be legends and kings. Shit the hole MSG crew!!!
Your name will live on forwver. Through our hearts and our paint! .... KING YNOTSE. onEr may you forever rest in paradise... Hope I meet you some day in the future!.... And jut know tht you got ur whole crew, fam, friends, and fans who will never let your name rest!!!
Believe that!!!
.... Wish I would have had the chance to have met you homie.
Woulda been nice bombin shot down here!
- Rick

Decent said...

Yo. I regret passing up that chance to meet you homie. u were always the one i was lookin out the car window at wen i was a lil jit. U inspired so many like me to bomb and tag. your name will forever be up man. no one can forget the best. respect to all MsG and for puttin this together. you all are my inpspiration. see u all on da streets. -eNER.DECENT-JS

El Corona said...

To the homie 037: You were obviously not there when this fucked up shit happened so you sound pretty foolish trying to school grown ass men on how to live, when you don't even have ANY of the facts straight. Tighten up and don't make assumptions about shit that you know nothing about.peace. ----Q
and also, nice drawing DECENT, i mean it, that shit is a proper homage to a homie that LOVED graff more than anything.

DECENTcustoms said...

El Corona, Thanks man, it means alot to know that ppl apprecaite my art. I grew up watching MSG develop, wondering how the fuck they did this crazy art. Its a love it or hate it kinda deal. So much respect for all the MSG writers. My first crew in my freshman year, wen we go out, would be like, "yo, what if we met 'ynot' or if we saw 'most' out there" Yall boys inpsired me to pick up a marker. and just imagine how many jits are picken it up after they see the love for ynot.
YNOT, Rest IN Paint.
Much Respect All MSG.

Anonymous said...

first and formost r.i.p to the lil homie YNOT

second to DECENT i can tell by ur post that ur a youngin so maybe you dont know ur history here but i see you keep puttin EneR up in tags well thats ANOTHER og in this graff game that has passed ENER WOW SB so respect the dead and find something else to write.

Decent said...

I got you, Does he have flicks ne where?

DecentT said...

Yo, i just saw Eners shit on MiamiGraff. Shit was dope. Much respect to ener, Whose up there wit Ynot.

Anonymous said...

YNOT I never knew you bro, but I am a big ass fan of your work. Your shit is mad dope and mad clean. You've inspired me as a young writer to keep working at it. I used to live in Florida and when I would go somewhere on I-95 I'd always see somethin of yours. Now I live in Chicago and I'm gunna throw up so R.I.P YNOT tags and stickers because you deserve it. You were one of my favorite graff artists all around. I loved goin on miamigraffiti and searchin' YNOT to see if you had some more dope shit up. I'm gunna miss seein ur work bro.

Rest In Paradise YNOT.
You will be missed..

Anonymous said...

King Ener... The homie
inspired me since 92. Flare tags for days. Wish I got to meet and paint with him.
Rip Ener...


CA$PR said...

ynot got me into tagging when i was young he was an god of graffiti to me i proudly throw up y's any where to show respect and keep a real god alive

Anonymous said...

Always hurts to hear/read about a loss like this, breaks my heart.
Its always the good ones... :(
A few weeks ago, I also lost one of my closest graff friends, life can get really ugly sometimes.
Gone, but never forgotten.

Props to you guys running this site
Would love to visit Miami sometime.
Wish y'all all the strength to cope with this tragedy.

Dude had some crazy dope pieces.
Love all of his work ive seen.
Especially the throwies.
And that mexican skelethon just blew me away, real nice.

Pretty sure homie will carve his initials on the big door at heavens gate,
We will see when we get there.

Rest In Paradise.

Peace, A cat from Holland

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