Sunday, December 13, 2009

this is for the ladiesssss


Anonymous said...

That Mastah Baffroom is reaaal nice! To bad this is for the ladies. I was Hopin' she was gonna scrub her fatass with that Axe for me. She's loosin' dem weights, her stomache be startin' to look like kiki's n shit, know what I'm saaaayin'. HAHA. Fuck dem haters shawty, do ya thing!


Anonymous said...

y would u post this.................. "crook" this is dumb as fuck... nothing to do with graff,,, maybe your closet fetish of fat black hoes,,lol

Richard Nixon said...

"crook" didnt post this retarded video.

Look at the post:

Posted by Chester M at 4:43 PM

Who the fuck is that anyways?

I got 2 posts out of the 30 something posts on the main page...

R. Nixon

B said...

So I counted 12 "ya know what I'm sayin"s in 2min 40 seconds.

Also, maybe it's just me, but, listening to her(?) talk, all I can think of is Mike Epps from Next Friday imitating Baby D.

Anonymous said...

show dem titties hoee
know what im sayinn

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