Sunday, December 13, 2009

thanks tristan goodtimes...LIL HAVANA FOOL EFFECT YA DIGGGGG!!!

Tristan Eaton Mural - Primary Flight / Art Basel

Tristan here…Wow! What a week it’s been. We went down to Miami to check out Art Basel and do a little mural and it turned into a whole lot more. Big thanks to Books for inviting us into Primary Flight, Cpop Gallery for bringing us down and Crome & MSG Crew for letting me paint the walls of Easy St. Gallery.

Check out the pics of the mural in progress. The background was wheat pasted, then white washed, then hand painted with enamel, brushes, markers and mop tops.

Ron English came through! Thanks man.

Phetus and KaNo in front, Alex of Easy Street, Tris, Den & Sket in back.

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Street Signs in Miami…

We’re not saying we know the guy that did these, cuz it’s gotta be way illegal. But if we did know him, we’re pretty sure we’d hang out with him.

These we’re up all over the Wynwood area of Miami, scattered across the epi-center of the Primary Flight project. There must be some in NYC too huh?

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