Monday, November 16, 2009

oldies but goodies

Quake kille it back in the late 90' of those Tallahassee trips of graff and debauchery

Krome Pennit back i the late 90s TVEE and me to the left,,atomik all the way to the right...anyone got that flick??

TVEE when he was on his number game. Homie ya gotta bring that back!!!

TVEE and WEN DAM TRACKS??? probably 1996 or 97

Me and TVEE rocked this summer of 2000. Notice the 28 to the right!! Some crazy bum was smoking crack next to us while we painted this shit. Towner for Life!

Back in 1999, vintage party city roofy. I think everyone and their mom's painted that roof at some point. But if rmbr correctly Atomik was the first one before it was even open. 1995-96

i think this container was laid up on Sunset Ave back in 1998?? Fuckin XENO doin donuts in the field behind it after we rocked that shit.

Jacked from 12oz...Dose had the other panel, anyone got that flik??

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the streets are asking for more T.V.

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