Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ridin Out....

Pucho Quake Abstrk


Anonymous said...

i was comin on here expecting some new shit and damn that just blew me away

crazy colors

SixShot said...

damn thats the craziest fill ive have seen inna while...two thumbs up

Dfect said...

holy shit check out this vid..

gotta mark Sao Paulo as a place to visit before life's over

thanks to REVOK for the find

Anonymous said...

a real cool ass nigga
free 28

Anonymous said...

off topic im watching the next 48 on a&e..there was a murder in some town in miami.. behind a church filled w ..msg ehn soduh tags ans get ups...its on now 7:04 aug.18.09..

holla keep it up

Anonymous said...

lookn goood


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