Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MOM & POPISM by Greg Deliso

A behind the scenes look at "MOM & POPISM"



Anonymous said...

crook please put mt comment up..
crome needs braces lol..........buk 50 teeth....dont b shie on this drama...guess who i am

Anonymous said...

No, Crome NEEDS a gold grill again!!!!!!!!!

Peter said...

Seriously though, this project looks sooooo ill. Hats off to that Billy Kid guy and of course JIM and KARLA!!!

Props to all the writers and artists workin on it, Crome I honestly think you took the cake on that panel you did with cycle. Keep it up Stunna's

Anonymous said...

^^Guess who I am??? FUCK OFF retard

Anonymous said...

fuck off retard""""""""""" amor de rey

Anonymous said...

Not this dumb ass again..."Guess who I am, I'm closer than u think" Get a fucking life or grow a pair of nuts and act like a man. PUT YOUR NAME PUSSY

Anonymous said...

amor del rey..more like amor del gay homo..

Either your a raging homosexual or a raging homosexual cop..
Either way take you ass back over the bridge and stay on the beach.

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