Tuesday, June 16, 2009

RIP Scan One ATA crew

Peace to Scan One, his family, friends and crew. He is a true pioneer of Miami graffiti. Rest in Power Scan.


Anonymous said...


I remember this used to come up in 12 oz, *(don't ask how)*
I will ask why not.

Wiki anyones life or death and it will tell you how, when, and where.

You cannot completly document someones life if you do not include the death.

I don't take things as a joke, especially death, I take it very seriously.
That might be the reason why I would like to know how certain people that I've admired or knew off died.
In some cases a person can learn from things that have happened.
Everything happens for a reason, there is no life without death.
All that matters is that you lived in between.

I actually feel like an asshole for asking and wanted to delete this message, but take it how you want to.



Anonymous said...

that is called wisdom

MSG said...

Instead of being so concerned about how Scan died, you should instead try and learn more about how he repped while he was alive, I'm sure alot of people nowadays were too young to remember his contributions, including myself, but think about it like this: when you die, do you hope people will be more interested in the way you died, or the way you lived? Lets hope some great stories come out about Scan and original ATA Crew, I know I will be on the look out...--------Q

MSG said...

*Heroes should live forever, especially in graff, where every writer strives to be remembered past his or her own lifetime.....hey, it worked for those crazy cavemen.......

Anonymous said...

I happened to go to church the same day I heard of this news, my family had dedicated mass for a family member that had passed away almost 2 years ago, so I also added Scan, his family friends, in my prayers.

Reason I asked was.
If someone dies of a heart attack, it will motivate me to eat better.

If someone dies of an auto accident it will teach me to drive better.

And if someone gets hit by a lightning it will show me to respect the weather.

There is no disrespect in knowledge


Anonymous said...

you are barely making any sense. You need to hear about a writer dying so you can learn how to live your life? Learn from Scan's early contributions to Miami graff, not from his eating habits or whatever. Pick up a health journal or weather report or something.

Anonymous said...

listen up kids.... if you knew SCAN personally, you wouldn't hafta ask...

I doubt anyone here has been around long enough to know any of the orignal ATA members therefore, lets NOT focus on the BS of "what ya over heard, fake niggas ain't worth a turd!"

keep getting up and leave your mark, im leaving a dent!

SAR SCAN - Respect!

Anonymous said...

SCAN was a hard working man, who lived to support his family. He was killed by a reckless driver while he was on his way to work at 4:30am. There was nothing he could have done to prevent it.

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