Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Michael Jackson - I hope his Legacy outlives his Downfall !


Anonymous said...

It will...he was an amazing artist beyond.

The world loses another legend...


Anonymous said...

been a fan since the 80's and was still a fan when being a MJ fan wasnt cool.

rip mj.


Anonymous said...

jackson five nigga that was the shit... too bad he had to loose his funky roots.. but still a master of his craft.. r.i.p

Anonymous said...

What downfall,because your ignorant robotic brain cant break down what the media perceives, you want to judge a man. If your black in America your guilty,nothing you know about gringos.

For real change the headline,the man was much bigger then that,it make you look real wak.
I enjoy the site,but get some brains

Anonymous said...

^^Please get off your soap box. This blog is moderated by probably 10-15 different people.

None of us have the same view but we respect the other moderators and will make changes when needed.

While I understand your view and I think it's very valid. The vast majority of America does not and while this is a shame, it's just the way it is.

Also, calling the moderators "gringos" as you put it shows a great display of ignorance on your part.The site is called Miami Style Graffiti.If you are from or grew up in Miami you would know "gringos" are the minority. We have a very very culturally diverse crew.

If you don't like what said here you can always close your browser and start your own blog about racial profiling in America.

Anonymous said...

msg.most seen graff............holla .... kill zombie tho

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