Thursday, June 18, 2009

R.I.P. Iz the Wiz

I know this is far off for a lot of you in Fla. but he was a legend and inspired many around the world. It is only right to pay respect and homage to a legend. Rest In Power Iz.


The.7th.ASK said...


Anonymous said...

word kid....

Anonymous said...

no doubt pioneer for real...

Anonymous said...

a dawg when tmb pass???

Anonymous said...

IZ THE WIZ: All time all-city king

Aliases: IZZY, CI (CRAZY IZ), IKE 327, CLICK


Primary affiliations: TMB, POG, TOP, 3YB, TC

Local origin: Queens, NY

Main lines: ALL CITY

Iz The Wiz is without question one of New York City’s most prolific writers of all time. He holds the title of the All time All City King of New York City Subways, and only one person holds that prestigious honor. In aka Kill 3 is credited with the most extensive all-city bomb in NYC during 1975 and 76, but Iz was the longest reigning all-city king in NYC history, taking the title many times throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Iz was well known for his throw-ups in the mid 1970s on the IND and BMT subway divisions. In the late 1970s he broadened his focus by working on top-to-bottoms, burners and scenery whole cars on the prestigious 2 and 5 lines of the IRT subway division. During this period he simultaneously maintained all-city throw-up king status. He painted for a variety of top level crews. He has served as president of The Master Blasters and the Queens division of Prisoners Of Graffiti. He has also painted for The Odd Partners, The Crew, The Three Yard Boys and others too numerous to mention. Iz appeared in the documentary film Style Wars and portrayed a transit police detective in the film Wild Style. His work has been displayed in museums and galleries throughout the world. Iz played a major role in the development of writing and provided inspiration for every generation of writer that exists. Hailing from Queens Iz took over the city subway system line by line. During his career, there was a time when he was doing at least 100 throw-ups every night, for an entire year. The dedication and love for writing is apparent in all of his works, from the burners on the trains, to the sketches on paper, and the canvases that capture the essence of writing, Iz often drops little side notes next to his the pieces, a little message that takes a minute to sink in and when it does, you always get a grin. Iz is also known for his epic role played in the film Style Wars. His witty remarks remain some of the most quoted words and phrases in the writing lexicon. When just the words you have said 20 years ago are recognized and used in current conversations, you have successfully made your mark in the world. In the film Iz was asked “when will you stop”, and he replied “will come back every now and then to let people know I am still around.” The true beauty is the fact that he never left and continues to bless the people with gems that capture the essence of what graffiti writing all about.

courtesy of WWW.IZTHEWIZ.COM

Respect due to a legend of legends...Rest In Paradise


jimandkarla murray said...

“I think anyone that starts writing for the fame stops writing soon thereafter because that’s not going to keep you out there. In the immortal words of IZ the WIZ, that’s not gonna keep you up on cold nights when “toys are cuddling to their pillows.”” < MISS17

“…and guys from the original TMB crew were living in my building and the building across the street. And that’s basically how I picked it up, them doing it and me watching them do it. IZ the WIZ and members from TMB were always around, so I picked up on it right away. …they were from the early 70’s and they were like, “Yo, if you’re gonna do this, you just can’t go. You gotta go all out.” So they were always on top of you. .” < CRASH

“Hands down, IZ the WIZ was probably one of my favorite writers growing up. I lived right above the A train and next to the C train and the GG, but it’s unfortunate that historically it’s the IRT #1 writers and the 2 and 5 writers that usually got all the shine. I kind of look at it like the NBA but outside the NBA there was the ABA where some beautiful things were going on. Guys were playing the game at the same pace but they just weren’t quite in the spotlight like the IRT guys.” < CHINO BYI

All quotes copyright James and Karla Murray from BURNING NEW YORK

Anonymous said...

Really Impressive Pioneer

He'll always live on!


Negro MSG

Anonymous said...


We'll always remember you. An inspiration to all.

Suero Unico

Anonymous said...

Respect, and rest in paradise.
One reason I started writing
KId Ikeeyzee

Anonymous said...

When I first started writing back in '97 I went to the point to get some caps and mags and shit and the dude told me I should cop the Style Wars vhs, I took his advice and I must have watched that video a million times, still my favorite graff movie ever, that was my first introduction to IZ, sad to find out the homie passed, on the 25th anniversary edition of the dvd in the special features i remember IZ saying that he would trade in all the fun & fame for his health. You may be gone IZ but your name will live forever. Our respects to the friends & family, Crook MSG-

Anonymous said...

iz your work will always be loved..

rob81 ch odc..

Anonymous said...

It is with great sorrow I announce the passing of Mike Martin aka IZ The Wiz TMB. I’ve been told that IZ collapsed at his brother’s home
in Florida at around 3:00am Wednesday morning. He was rushed to the hospital, eventually succumbing to heart failure.

Anonymous said...

rip i feel at a loss

Anonymous said...

RIP 2 the WIZ....he put in alot of building blocks for us 2 take this game 2 the highest levels we can....u will always be in memory of....much respect REST IN POWER IZ THE WIZ...ONE OF NYS FINEST...

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