Friday, June 19, 2009

ABSTRK: "Fire Burnin" Behind the Scenes

The homie ABSTRK recently linked up with 305 FILMS and laced a backdrop for Sean Kingston's new "Fire Burnin'" video.

Congratulations to Gil Green & the whole 305 FILMS Crew on their 100th video.

Here's a few more flicks from the video shoot.

Enjoy this exclusive look behind the scenes, all footage courtesy of Derick G.


Check out more of Derick G.'s work at


Anonymous said...

music videos, over seas heavens, best of miami burners, book covers, exclusive t-shirts, illegal street spots from mia to atl, even exclusive 1995 cell phone covers... the crew is killing it right now...

Anonymous said...

^^wat he said...

Anonymous said...

its funny how abstrk was even known a few years ago. Art school pays off,
fool getting paid off your crew fame.
say it aint so
Free speech USA Constitution

Anonymous said...

nigga my shirt and mask
get at me dawg the iza
o to the izo

Anonymous said...

To the hater above...We all love abstrk and are glad he can hold it down in tha streets and get paid for what he loves. The crew has grown for the better withsome of the new additions. We as a crew accept true talent for what it is, and stand behind our members for everything.

Ps. 90% of the best writers out there have trained in the arts or gone to art school. There is absolutely NO SHAME in that.

Next time you comment, negative or not, try not to make yourself sound like an ignorant fool.

Thanks- MSG

Anonymous said...

Props to abstrk. All for one and one for all.....

Anonymous said...

Lol.. I wish I went to art school!....straight up..... -----the abzy abz

Anonymous said...

How can you be jelous of someones success.

With all do honesty, Graffiti aint shit, you still have life to live, bills to pay, children to raise, and things to do.

You can't rank on someone for getting a degree or trying to become more productive or successful.

PS: On a hater note, 100th video for them guys, wow they are horrible, still haven't seen a good one, or original one from them

Video publicity is mad dope, I know there was at least 2 videos filmed in the Hialeah Penit.


Anonymous said...

Abstrk has no degrees no art school, just a real cool mothafucka that's on point, keep makin moves my nigga!

One luv!

Anonymous said...

do your thing abstrk , fuck the hate make that money and keep wrecking shit...your boy

rob81 ch odc..

Anonymous said...

Funny as fuck!! Abztrk in art school??!! Haters be mad cuz a homie is out there on the grind AND earning stripes the old fashioned way...and by the way, my boy Abz aint been gone, he been here for years--do some research. I dunno, some people might practice different letters sometimes, to fine tune their craft, i dunno, jus a guess...think about that. but dont even think about battling the homie, because he will serve you, mr. anonymous...---Q MSG 28 TSC B50

cyme said...

Funny Shiot .. Ive seen ABZ stuff for years and wondered why he was not part of the crew.
Dude has been puttin in work for a while. I think these kids have it flipped, MSG is getting fame because of ABZ.

Keep it up ABZ!!

Duke D Rocker said...

yo, does anyone know how i can contact msg? please reply to my blog

Anonymous said...


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