Monday, April 20, 2009

420 in Amsterdam

28 in Dutch ^^


Anonymous said...

Reams & Atomik... The International Assholes-

Thanks for the b-day shout out!


Anonymous said...

nuarmumpft freit shumbershnitzel!!!!!

NoFuckinAbout said...

good to meet you over mate, if you ever want to come to england give me a shout or if im in nyc ill let you know nice one mate, voter NFA SC,

Anonymous said...

waddup Voter.

For those that don't know I was walking around Amsterdam solo catching tags around 4am and I crept up on a couple guys I knew had to be bombing. After a very brief confrontation/coversation Voter and Atlas were nice enough to share there silver with me for some fill ins and we caught some tags before having to skip out on a spot.I am gonna finsh that one too early next week.



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