Wednesday, April 22, 2009

004 Connec Warehouse

Siner Crome Ticoe Nineteen Cruz


Anonymous said...

good to see siner is still cool with MSG..also,cruz an 19 killed that wall,crome just put the icing on the already fire cake! siiick theme for the prodo too!

Anonymous said...

legals have died

if it wasn't for catalyst & oo4 we might see more legals or sick pieces like this in the streets where they would last years

where they belong

Anonymous said...

^^^.Ha, I guess that guy ^^ thought this was the South Fla. thread on Bombing Science, bringin that Hate It's ok after all Hate is the new Love!

Props on this one guys,

MSG gets walls!

Anonymous said...

me and crome have been cool since way before all that so-called "beef" far as affiliations and alligiance are with dme fukq bsk dtt etc...dont put my name in the middle of bullshit."beef is when your mom aint safe in the streets"dont get it far as this wall goes,ticoe and 9tean put the icing on that cake.

MSG said...

S--You gotta take all these comments with a grain of salt, homie, alot of people go on here and make senseless comments.....dont feed into it too closely...

Anonymous said...

Word- That bullshit is for internet forums- Don't let an anonymous comment drag you into bullshit-

Thats not what this site was created for.

Everyone knows where everyone on that wall stands as far as the loyality to whatever crews they push- and with all the drama that is still going on, its nice to see 2 of Miami's best writers clearly on different sides painting on a wall together.

Crome and Siner are true Kings of Miami Graffiti.

Props to every writer on that wall, everyones styles really complimented everyones elses styles really nice.

Wish it was on a wall on Biscayne Blvd for everyone in Miami to see.


Anonymous said...

does anyone have a connector shot of the whole wall?

Anonymous said...

my bad for commenting so far as the "beef" goes i don't involve myself in that shit unless someone involves was brought to my attention that my flik was here and that there was a statement that could be misunderstood as me being in or "down with" msg...which im not.i'm cool with numerous members of msg,and i'm in crews with numerous people who are at odds with msg.i'd love to see us all co-exist and not worry about what the "other side" does.but thats just not reality for some people.i really just wanted to clarify my standing and crew affiliations so there's no confusion.

Evan said...


Anonymous said...

Second comment really only said what Crook just said,

"Wish it was on a wall on Biscayne Blvd for everyone in Miami to see."

Plus the first Anon really didn't say anything bad or negative

You guys just take any little comment to the heart.

We have the right to disagree, nothing personal.

Besides they can delete chat if it gets out of hand, but it hasn't

Anonymous said...

I didnt mean beef wise,I meant over the years,its cool to see you to still down an doing some sick murals,to legends gettin together puttin out some amazing work for those lucky enough to see it!

Anonymous said...

Listen...all in all...this production is fuckin' dope & respectable...and alot more artistic than what we have seen in certain galleries or at Design Miami/Art Basel, etc. That is why I can not understand why it is still so difficult to get the respect and admiration from professional collectors and "their" world.

Obviously graff is street-which is understandable and what it was originated for-but it would be great to witness writers(artists) like the individuals who put a production like this together to benefit financially from hard work put into it. Picasso type commissions.

This was off the topic a bit-just wanted to express.

As for the beef and misguided opinions in this on-line is ridiculous, and it comes with the territory like doing a burner in a penit and then getting toyed by the trailer park kid who finds a half empty can and decides to use it.

It's 2:24 am...and for people like myself...thanks for posting and keeping the scene alive.

Peace. di

Anonymous said...

Nice posts.
Nothing wrong with making money, gotta get your hustle doing what you love.

As for the meta4
Blame those that left half empty cans in the hialeah penit grounds

they didnt toy that many pieces

Anonymous said...

Street art belongs in the street not in galleries and museums.Graffiti on canvas above someone's sofa is just decoration. Boring, like most painting.

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