Monday, March 30, 2009

Down South Boys Pt. 2

So i'm driving down the turnpike to check out the spot I did with my boy Tripo about six months ago...

I open my eyes and I see this huge Abstrk and Tripo and my little Bias.

I started laughing but at the same time.. ( these motherf*$%ers!)

They went to the spot with out telling me!

So here you go, I did a solo run so this wall would look appropriate...

Next time call me... I have a car!


Coming Soon, the one with Crome down south.


Anonymous said...

nice story !!
I like the picture stories

Keep spitting da truth

Can you find and post any ARMIE MSG pics, although he had a brief writing career, he did do alot of damage as CHAPS, and had alot of skills & heart.

I remember that in those days, it was your goal to try to get down with MSG, and since I was down with him, I had asked him if I can get down with MSG, and he never said nothing but his friend Curve giggled a bit.
I didn't pay no mind to it, I just asked for the heck of it.
I figured rather than being like some of his friends that dick rode really hard to try to get down, I'll just ask right off the bat, and if nothing comes ohh well.

Memmories, lol

jimandkarla murray said...

great story/picsson! awesome...

Anonymous said...

what kind of hater story are you trying to tell here, migs? running lip about niggaz that dont even read this blog or write anymore - weak

Anonymous said...

damn that was a story- how did we go from abstrk tripo and bias to a story about chaps?

this blog is funny-

Anonymous said...

Early 2000's
Eson Heat Doubt Ikonz Hedge Mesr
Doper True Seige five, Imk Koi

Kept Msg a float when Crome got lock up,Fuze Quit,Bane Quit,
tight unit, destroying the army penit.

From a Witness at Army penit.

Anonymous said...

^ the truest shit i heard yet. one time for doper, real as fuck.

and one time for ESON and DOUBT for killing heavens on a dailey basis back in the day.


Anonymous said...

hedge came correct as fuck with the pieces!

Anonymous said...

You nighas is making me go through my photos...

Good ol' days

Anonymous said...

Your the weak hater that won't leave your name.

But since you wanted some names mentioned, I clearly meant

nothing against them, but they did have a fanclub

Anonymous said...

ohh sorry
i didn't mean to talk shit
my tag is CYST by the way !

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