Sunday, March 8, 2009

Delray Tennis Stadium: Enve, Hox, Gere & 5

On Feburary 16,17 & 18th, Hox, Enve, 5, & Gere were asked to paint the entire perimeter of the inside court of Delray Beach's Tennis Staduim for the then upcoming ATP/ITC Tennis Tournament-a $500,000 event, Broadcasted in the US and 150 other countries around the world!!

After Hox, Hest, and Five painted the smaller ends of the court last year, they asked us back to complete the whole thing.
Local Pro Mardy Fish took home the win for the first American to win in some years, but who cares about that. Check out the Courts!!!!

Press: The inventive folks at Delray Beach ITC are back at it again with additions to the graffiti artwork on their tourney’s show court.As you may remember, they made a splash at last year’s tournament by painting waves on the court’s back walls.This time, they’ve brought back the artists and friends to embellish the side walls with iconic Florida fish like wahoo and Sailfish, and extending the “rippling water” effect on the court surface to cover the entire perimeter.
"HOX, 5, Gere and Enve (names changed) are the visionaries who together in just two days—starting with only a concept—captured the essence and flavor of the waves and marine life--According to the Executive Director of the International Tennis Championships (ITC), John Butler said, “When the world turns on their Television or downloads the tournament on-line they will be shocked by the brilliant display of colors and art creatively found on our court backdrops."

Hox-background Five-wahoo (his first fish!)

Hox's Sea anenomie giving birth to bubbles plus some!

Enve sailfish-Sunset

Gere on the 'rope water'

Red Bull Booth by Enve

(left) Bull Mahi by Gere (1st fish by Gere also!) -(Right) Hox Sunset &Hox/Enve clloab on the other Bull Dolphin!

Court floor by Hox and Five and More rope water by Enve, Hox & five


More.....(Enve Rope)

Hox and Enve Floor



Gere Dolphin

Hox Detail

Semifinals shot--


The Professionals: 5, Gere, Hox & Enve.


Anonymous said...

nice... more fame to ya!

Anonymous said...

Professionals... these other niggas don't even understand the possiblilites of where graff can take you... nice work guys-

MSG said...

I was literally laughing out loud, when i saw "the Professionals" shot at the bottom, with the photoshopped tennis faces, it ads a nice touch to the post HAHA - ENVE

Anonymous said...

i thought you would like that- that shit is too funny-


jimandkarla murray said...

Holy CRAP. That's excellent. On so many levels...

"2.13." said...

lmao that last pic it too funny !!!

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