Monday, February 9, 2009

Crook & Crome: 10 Years of Channel 10

Most of you already know the drama Channel 10 started back in '99 over the whole Crook & Crome fiasco, its been over a decade later and Channel 10 still can't get enough of Crook & Crome. One spot together in 10 years and presto, back on the news.

The story was about Crook & Crome, they were talking about the shit from 10 years ago, Charles Perez got it started like this: "They were once the notorious South Florida duo making their mark with a can of spray paint and a taste for risky behavior and breaking the law, now some fear they may be back." They showed some of the new shit and some of the old shit. Here's a few of the screen shots.


The old shit-

Thanks alot Channel 10...

You made us famous.

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