Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crook & Dose Train Bridge Pt. 2

True story-

I have had my eye on this spot ever since I started writing back in '97. Every time I drove by it over the years I wanted to get that spot. It looked like a spot that was impossible to do. I discussed it with many writers over the years and most of them felt the same way... Didn't think it was possible.

Well last year I figured it out. I claimed it, and waited for the right time to execute.

When you have a spot this dope you have to call the right man for the job , my man Dose, a true professional of his craft.

Weve been known for shooting out highway lights with hi-power rifles,

But thats another story.

I'll let my man Mark Becker of Channel 9 News give you the details.

Anyways, we did the spot, and our homies James and Karla Murray took that vision I had in my head for over 10 years and captured it perfectly.
Thanks for getting the shot guys.
It's beautiful.

Check out more of James and Karla's work at JamesandKarlaMurray.com


StarZ said...

Wow, wtf! Yea it does seem impossible. But not for you guys apparently!

jimandkarla said...

that news clip is awesome. just awesome.

JIRO said...

Sweet, and that video is wicked. tight work guys

-Juan_Jose said...

the way they speak of yall is like they speak of the phantom of the opera or something..utterly beautiful..

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