Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beno: 35 Happy Birthday Homie!!!

Today January 4 2009 Legendary Graff Artist Beno would have been 35. He was an artist, a mentor and for many of us; our friend. Directly or indirectly if your a graff artist especially in Miami; you were probrally influenced by him. If you got the chance to meet Beno would never forget him. He stood about 6'2 slim usually with a pony tail sprouting out the top of his head, a bandana {suicide tendency style}. He also wore tinted glasses that hung at the tip of his nose , with a diamond on his tooth. He had his own style to say the least. A style that extended to his art that covered streets from Miami to Nashville. I personally met him in the summer of 95' in Tennessee. Probrally the most action packed 5 days I've ever had on a trip. A trip the included to trips to Nashville county Jail, 2 Fights, parties, racking, and oh' we managed to squeeze in some painting as well. Beno was a beast on the streets, and a major pilar of of crew. He gave us style, he gave us grace, and most of all he showed with his life that he gave us his ALL!!! " Miami's Own, A Miami's Legend, A METRO STYLE GOD!!!! BENO R.I.P.-------gere


FreshSeth said...

Amen 2 that. RIP BENO. A True King.

JIRO said...

Rest In Power

Gone but not forgotten, Stay up homie

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